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February 13, 2015                                                            (202)  

Conservative War Chest Urges RNC: Dump NBC from Debates
12 Page Letter to RNC Chairman Priebus Says
NBC didn’t just ignore Brian Williams’ Falsehoods and Fabrications but also:

  • History of Doctored Tapes and Videos,
  • Collusion with Obama Administration to Attack GOP Candidates
  • Cover-up of IRS, Benghazi, Attorney-General Holder Perjury Scandals.

Chuck Todd, Phil Griffin Part of Williams Crew to Steer Coverage Left. (Cites Williams-Todd Coverage of 2014 Election.)     

NBC Will Use Debate to Assault GOP & Curry Favor With Comcast Regulators; NBC is Just Tip of Government-Corporate Collusion.   

Suggests Congressional Inquiry into Hiring of Al Sharpton after Obama visit to Comcast CEO’s house.

Williams’ recent lie may have been overreaction to criticism in 65-page report and 2-minute TV Ad; Williams resurrected old story at Madison Square Garden to show new British boss he had support of Middle America    

Washington, D.C. –The Conservative War Chest released a letter today it has sent to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, urging the GOP to scuttle plans to let NBC host a debate of its presidential candidates. “Brian Williams was caught lying to the American public,” said Mike Flynn, spokesman for CWC. “His failing is just a symptom of a deeper rot at NBC News. For years, NBC executives knowingly watched as Williams lied again and again.”

The letter to Priebus references the 65-page letter CW C sent a month ago to NBC affiliates around the country. The letter documents the overt political bias at NBC News, spearheaded by Williams, NBC political editor Chuck Todd and MSNBC President Phil Griffin. The report also called on NBC affiliates to demand an investigation of the corrupted NBC News culture.

 Flynn said his group has heard speculation from industry insiders that Williams’ recent retelling of his Iraq lie was likely an overreaction to the letter detailing the network’s overly partisan coverage.

“I don’t know if there is any truth in that, but it had been well over a year since Williams has told his tall tale about taking enemy fire in Iraq,” Flynn noted. “His ham-handed attempt to draw attention to himself during a public celebration of a serviceman’s retirement could have been a shallow and desperate attempt to wrap himself in the flag for his British bosses. He wanted them to think he had the hearts and minds of Middle America.”

Flynn added, “It seems almost unbelievable, but one should never bet against how fragile a TV anchor’s ego is.”

In its letter to Priebus CWC warned the RNC that NBC will unleash its full-throttled smear machine before, during and after the debates.

“Chuck Todd’s only real experience in politics was as a staffer to liberal icon Sen. Tom Harkin,” Flynn noted. “You might as well ask Sen. Chuck Schumer to vet the Republican candidates.”

Flynn noted the deeply partisan role played by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, like Todd a former Democrat operative, and CNN’s Candy Crowley during the 2012 presidential debates. He said that in allowing NBC to host a debate, the RNC was courting with another disaster. Any notion the Republican party has that it can manage the media for its own nomination debate is woefully misguided.

“Set aside NBC’s obvious partisan bias,” Flynn said. “In the Williams debacle, we have witnessed a network allow its anchor to blatantly lie to the American public for years. NBC news executive knew from the first report that Williams’ account of his time in Iraq was a lie. Yet, they stood by and did nothing, all to simply stroke an insecure anchor’s ego.”

Flynn said the RNC can expect even worse behavior from NBC News executives because this time, unlike the Williams episode, they have a personal stake in distorting the record against Republicans.

“Phil Griffin is on an obvious personal quest to destroy the Republican party,” Flynn said. “He certainly isn’t basing MSNBC programming decisions on ratings or consumer wants. He clearly is on a left-wing crusade; his own private jihad against conservatives.”

Flynn brushed away Todd’s obvious bias as simply the result of hiring a political operative to act like a journalist. “You hire an operative with no journalistic experience, you get a political operative with no journalistic experience.”

Flynn said he fears the RNC has no idea what it is getting into by agreeing to let NBC host a debate. “NBC isn’t just a major news network,” Flynn said. “It is a critical part of the mega-corporation Comcast. Every part of Comcast’s business is dependent on favorable treatment from Obama Administration regulators.”

Flynn noted that within weeks of the Obama Administration approving Comcast’s request to buy NBC, the company hired Rev. Al Sharpton for a nightly show on MSNBC. “Comcast now needs Obama’s approval to purchase Time-Warner Cable,” Flynn observed. “Imagine what Comcast will owe the government if it approves a deal worth billions.”

Other highlights from the letter:

  • Repeats charge in 2 minute ad that Comcast is  “most powerful and militant left wing force in American politics.”  
  • Says Comcast using not only NBC and MSNBC but also Telemundo, MSN website and even NBC Sports (Superbowlplay-by-play) to wage war on conservatives while giving liberal journalist Ezra Klein $10 million award to do the same.   
  • Calls on Priebus to order “full mobilization” of Republican Party against Comcast-Time-Warner merger. Also asks for congressional probe of Comcast deal with Al Sharpton just after obama visits with Comcast Chairman Brian Roberts.
  • Says honest journalists still at NBC will one day thank Priebus for spotlighting “Williams-Todd-Griffin axis of angry prejudice against conservatives and republicans.”
  • Notes MSNBC attack on Chris Kyle – hero of American Sniper – for being “racist” on a “killing spree.”