The American Spectator   I   Will Reince Priebus Dump NBC From Presidential Debates?

February 19, 2015   l   Article

Imagine this: Fox News selects Karl Rove, a Fox contributor, to moderate a debate betwee candidates for the Democratic Party’s 2016 nomination. Joining Rove on the panel of questioners will be Dana Perino, a co-host of the Fox show The Five, along with talk radio hosts Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham.  ARTICLE   I   Super PAC Sends Letter to RNC Chair Priebus to Dump NBC From Presidential Debates

February 17, 2015   l   Article

NBC will host two GOP presidential debates, one in October on CNBC and another in February 2016 with Telemundo. Conservative War Chest says that the Brian Williams debacle is only a symptom of a deeper problem at NBC. That problem being the likes of Phil Griffin (MSNBC President) and Chuck Todd (Meet the Press host and Political Director for NBC News. Both letters can be seen at Conservative War Chest.  ARTICLE

Washington Times   I   Republican National Committee Pressed to Dump NBC from Hosting GOP Debates

February 16, 2015   l   Article

Georgia-based conservative super PAC is calling on the Republican National Committee to dump NBC News from hosting two GOP presidential primary debates, citing anchor Brian Williams‘ suspension for lying about being under fire in Iraq and instances of alleged network bias.  ARTICLE

Censored: Conservative War Chest Launches Spot Responding to Banned Ad

January 26, 2015   l   Press Release

NBC Stations Blocked Super PAC Ad Detailing Network’s Left-Wing Bias

BGR   I   There's Something for Almost Everyone to Hate About the Comcast-TWC Merger

January 15, 2015   l   Article

Unless you’re an executive at Comcast or Time Warner Cable, there’s probably a good reason for you to oppose the two companies’ merger. Whether you’ve dealt with either company’s miserable customer service, been slapped with unexplained fee hikes, or just are sick of seeing the home broadband market dominated by a tiny number of players who have set up their own regional monopolies… these are all solid reasons to oppose Comcast and TWC’s proposed union.  ARTICLE

The American Spectator  I  Conservative Group Targets Comcast/NBC

January 15, 2015   l   Article

The 65-page letter is addressed “Dear NBC Affiliate Owner.” The sender: the Conservative War Chest, with spokesman Michael Flynn signing the letter. The group has most recently been advertising in GOP Senate races around the country in the 2014 election cycle, as seen here ARTICLE

The Hill  I   Conservative Super PAC to Run Anti-Comcast Ads

January 14, 2015   l   Article

Comcast’s $45 billion bid to buy Time Warner Cable is coming under new fire from the right. A conservative super-PAC will begin running ads on Wednesday accusing Comcast of overseeing the creation of biased, liberal news at NBC and MSNBC, both of which it owns.  ARTICLE

Multichannel News  I   Conservative PAC Attacks Comcast/Time Warner Over NBC News

January 14, 2015   l   Article

The Convervative War Chest Wednesday said it had launched a two-minute spot in five presidential swing states taking aim at NBC News as liberally biased and slamming its corporate owners--Comcast--over "potential collusion" with the Obama Administration to get the Time Warner Cable deal done.  ARTICLE  I   Conservative War Chest Runs Ad Against "Left-Wing Super PAC" Media to Stop Comcast/NBC/UNIVERSAL Merger

January 13, 2015   l   Article

Conservative War Chest today released a 65-page report documenting the overt political bias at Comcast-owned NBC and MSNBC News.  ARTICLE

Bloomberg Politics  I   Conservatives Launch Ad Campaign Against Comcast/Time-Warner Merger

January 13, 2015   l   Article

The proposed merger between Comcast and Time-Warner is not going smoothly. The FCC has slow-walked the deal when it didn't need to.  Regulators are still fishing for stories about the relationship between streaming services and ISPs, which would be affected by the merger. And the would-be merger has been targeted for months by the left, most prominently by a re-elected Minnesota Senator Al Franken. ARTICLE

Washington Post  I   Republicans Closing In On Ninth Senate Pickup in Louisiana

November 28, 2014   l   Article

The Republican Party stands on the brink of putting an exclamation point on its hugely successful midterm election with the GOP challenger for U.S. Senate in Louisiana well-positioned to dislodge the Democratic incumbent in a runoff election early next month. ARTICLE

Washington Post  I   This Thanksgiving Ad Attacks Obama for Two Minutes Straight

November 26, 2014   l   Article

A conservative super PAC is marking the Thanksgiving holiday by releasing a two-minute ad that relentlessly attacks President Obama's record. ARTICLE

Bloomberg  I   The Epic Two-Minute Attack Ad That Will Hit Mary Landrieu on Thanksgiving

November 26, 2014   l   Article

No political PAC has challenged the American attention span quite like Conservative War Chest. ARTICLE

Townhall  I   2-Minute Thanksgiving NFL Ad Warns of Rogue President

November 26, 2014   l   Article

This brilliant ad is coming to your televisions this Thanksgiving from Conservative War Chest. ARTICLE

Powerline  I   New Ad Takes on Liberal Media

OCTOBER 31, 2014   l   Article

We wrote here about Conservative War Chest, which has produced some excellent, hard-hitting ads this election cycle. Their latest came out today. ARTICLE

Real Clear Politics   I   CO: Conservative Ad: Udall Is Part of the "War On HIspanic Values"

OCTOBER 27, 2014   l   Article

This ad from the "Conservative Warchest" group slams Colorado Democrat Sen. Mark Udall for being too liberal, saying "Hispanic voters are Reagan voters." ARTICLE

Powerline   I   The Blame America First Liberals Are Back

OCTOBER 21, 2014   l   Article

I wrote here about a hard-hitting ad that Conservative War Chest has produced for the Colorado Senate campaign. Now the War Chest is back with another strong ad, this one directed to national security and called “Blame America First.” ARTICLE

NewsMax   I   Super PAC Storms Democratic Strongholds

OCTOBER 21, 2014   l   Article

A conservative Super PAC is launching ads in seven supposedly safe Democratic states, convinced the electorate's growing anxiety over national security will be the defining issue of the 2014 midterm elections. ARTICLE

NewsMax   I   Ads Blast Colorado Dems for Stifling Hispanics in Crucial Senate Race

OCTOBER 17, 2014   l   Article

A conservative super PAC has launched scathing ads in Colorado, a crucial battleground in the fight for control of the U.S. Senate, accusing Democratic Sen. Mark Udall and other liberals of waging a "war on Hispanic hopes and values."  ARTICLE

National Review Online   I   Tough Ad Aims to Persuade Hispanics in Colorado

OCTOBER 16, 2014   l   Article

If you ever wanted to see a conservative group fighting for the votes of Hispanics...check out this ad. DOWNLOAD

New TV Spot says "Hispanic Voters are Reagan Voters" Tough Anti-Udall Ad Has Inspiring Pro-Gardner Message

OCTOBER 16, 2014   l   Press Release

New Ad Attacks Democrat Party 'War on Hispanics Hopes & Values'; Udall, Extreme Liberals Favor 'Government Dependence' & Weak Growth.  DOWNLOAD

NBC Affiliate In Iowa Will Run Conservative Super PAC Ad, After All

OCTOBER 7, 2014   l   Article/Video

After protests, a local NBC affiliate in eastern Iowa will now allow an ad produced by a conservative super PAC to run on its airwaves, The Daily Caller has learned. VIEW ARTICLE

Conservative Cavalry to Iowa, NC

SEPTEMBER 30, 2014   l   Press Release

Ad Exposes Extreme Liberal Agenda of Braley, Hagan; Conservatives Rally in Final Month of Campa. DOWNLOAD


Pryor AWOL While Christians Politically Assaulted

SEPTEMBER 17, 2014   l   Press Release

CWC Launches Radio Blitz; Reelection in Doubt as Voters Learn Record. DOWNLOAD

Pryor Campaign Explodes at Conservative War Chest Ad

SEPTEMBER 8, 2014   l   Press Release

Deputy Campaign Manager calls ad "absurd and indefensible"; Pryor's record is indefensible Smears Cotton as Pryor Poll Numbers Slip. DOWNLOAD

"Really Powerful" TV Spot "Going Viral" in Arkansas

SEPTEMBER 5, 2014   l   Press Release

The ad from Conservative War Chest super PAC will go up on television in Arkansas. DOWNLOAD

Conservative Super PAC Ad Ties Mark Pryor to "Extremist Liberals"

SEPTEMBER 2, 2014   l   Real Clear Politics

The ad from Conservative War Chest super PAC will go up on television in Arkansas. MORE...

Super PAC Running Unorthodox Ads Tying Mark Pryor To 'Extremist Liberals'

SEPTEMBER 2, 2014   l   The Daily Caller

A conservative super PAC plans to go up on television in the crucial Arkansas Senate race this week to tie incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor to “extremist liberals” in Washington D.C. MORE...

‘Conservative War Chest’ Targets Pryor, Gang of 5

SEPTEMBER 2, 2014   l   Newsmax

A conservative Super PAC has launched its 2014 campaign with a blistering ad accusing Senator Mark Pryor of being a "stand-in for a national power grab by the Gang of Five."  MORE...

'Mark Pryor Is a Stand-In for a National Power Grab...'

SEPTEMBER 2, 2014   l   National Review

A Super PAC called Conservative War Chest will begin a new barrage of ads Tuesday against Arkansas Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor. A 60-second spot and “a groundbreaking 2-minute commercial will run on the 10 p.m. news this week and blanket the Sunday morning political shows in the Little Rock and Fort Smith media markets.” MORE...

‘Conservative War Chest’ Releases Hard-Hitting Ad Against Arkansas Liberal Mark Pryor (Video)

SEPTEMBER 2, 2014   l   Gateway Pundit

A conservative group called the Conservative War Chest released a hard-hitting two-minute spot today blasting liberal Democrat Mark Pryor in Arkansas. MORE...

Ad Targets Red State Democrat "Puppet Senators"

SEPTEMBER 2, 2014   l   Ace of Spades

An ad against Mark Pryor (but which I imagine is a template ad which can be used against other Democrats) ties Pryor to Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, even as Pryor attempts to claim distance from those figures. MORE...

Taking The Fight To The Democrats

SEPTEMBER 19, 2013   l   The Wall Street Journal

In Virginia's gubernatorial race, opponents of Terry McAuliffe may have cracked the playbook Democrats have used to win in states that ought to go Republican.  MORE...